About  Sean

At his first audition (for a local production of The Music Man) Sean sang "The Bear Necessities." He was extremely nervous and forgot the words but as he came down from the stage he sat down, looked at his father and said, "I could get used to this."


Born and raised in Red Bank, NJ, he did most of his growing up at Spring Lake Community Theatre.  Sean owes much of what he knows about performing to the countless hours he spent on that stage and to the people who gave him those incredibly valuable opportunities.


His steadfast chauffers to and from rehearsals were Dolores and Franklin Bell. Sean is the thoroughly un-spoiled only child of these two sainted people - he has often wondered how less devoted parents would have dealt with his neverending need to be picked up and dropped off, not to mention the near-constant singing they had to endure on those long rides home. For all that and much more, he is grateful. 


Sean now lives in New York City and loves every minute that doesn't involve a mariachi band on the A Train.